June 14, 2011


This past Sunday was the definition of perfection: low 60s, not a cloud in the sky. Not too hot, not too cold. Absolute dreamlike- and on a Sunday, too.


Lovie took a nap in the late morning and after she got up and we ate lunch, we all got dressed and headed on out to the park near our house (about 6 blocks away). We've been to this park several times before but the last time I was there, about a month or so ago, I was with my mom and it was about 8 in the morning and I deemed the park unfriendly to Toddlers. The playground is pretty new and marked with the ages appropriate for playing. There's a small playground for 2-5 year olds, and a larger playground for 5-12 year olds. The smaller one just isn't worth the walk to the park which is why I deemed it unfriendly to Toddlers... well, to MY toddler, at least.

This past Sunday proved me wrong though.

We spent nearly three hours at the playground.

Lovie just did her thing.

And it was really beautiful to watch.

She's grown so much. She's changing every single day. (This all makes me sad and super proud at the same time!)

Normally when we go to the park it's just her and me on our way home from school and work. But Sunday, the H... Dada... came along. And I purposely took a backseat and allowed him to keep a steady eye on her while I sat back with a more relaxed eye. (Neither of our helicopter parents but we're not lax enough to just let her totally go free in a city park with 50 other people running around. Not at 17.5 months old.)

The result was something of pure beauty.

She has never looked that happy on the swings before... or in the park before. She's never been miserable in the park, but she's normally so ... cautious and/or observant when we go that she doesn't seem to really get to enjoy playing.

But Sunday... something happened Sunday. I'm not sure if it happened before Sunday and Sunday was the first time I've seen it; regardless, there was a significant change in Lovie on Sunday. She seemed to be full of so much joy and happiness. She was squealing with such delight and maniacally laughing as she played. And the sounds and images were simply magical to me.

It really was just a perfect Sunday.

Yesterday, Lovie and I stopped at the park we normally stop at on our way home and again, the changes that I saw Sunday carried over into yesterday's visit. She seems more confident in her play. And again, the squeals and laughter... just magical.

Have you noticed any changes in your babies lately?


  1. The determination and independence PJ is trying to exert is amazing.

    And I SWEAR Maggie said Mama yesterday.

  2. I was thinking about Lovie at the park yesterday watching Pie try to climb up the slide. She had just gotten out of the pool so the wet feet didn't help, but eventually she made it. :)


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