June 5, 2011

Aquarium visit #1

On Thursday (click it for Tuesdays recap; click it for Wednesdays recap), it was time to say goodbye to our hotel room and our vacation away from the big city life. Oh how I hate saying goodbye to the peace and quiet but such is life for the unfamous and unindependantly wealthy.

After loading the car up with all our stuff and checking out, we stopped at a burger joint in town that's been around for like 30 years or so for lunch and then made our way back in to the city... but there was something about the day and the fact that I just wasn't ready to end our vacation so I talked the H into stopping off at our city's hugeass Aquarium.

After parking ($16 for up to 4 hours, $19 for up to 12 hours) and unloading the stroller and Lovie, we made the longass trek to the Aquarium. Fortunately it's right on the lakefront so while it was warmer inland, it was actually a little cool despite the sun beating down on us.

We made out way into the Aquarium and opted for their cheapest package- the main floor for $8 a person (free under 2). While the main floor is pretty boring, we knew Lovie would be fascinated by all the Wawa (water) and Fishies so we went with it. (And after having to pay for parking we weren't really wanting to dish out an additional $30-35/pp to see more... especially when we really wanted to be out of the Aquarium in a couple hours time, max.)

We were right. Lovie loved all the Wawa and fishes.

On our way back to the car, we took a ton of pictures as we hung out for a bit under the picture perfect skies and in front of a Big Fish and Man statue that spits out water.

And then we packed 'er up and ended our vacation with a trip back to the car and a ridiculous amount of time stuck in rush hour. Of course.


  1. PJ loves the fishies too. :)

  2. a) the picture of Lovie pointing at the fishies is beyond adorable

    b) I love her dress...so cute

    c) Pie had the best time at the aquarium...she spent the whole time whispering, "whazzat?"


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