June 27, 2011

signs it's a Monday

  • dread fills your being as the alarm sounds
  • you wake before your baby
  • you smell like fried food because cooking was actually done on the weekend when there's actual time to cook- and because the smell is left lingering on clothes that were are technically clean but just smell like they aren't (blech blech blech!)
  • you leave daycare dropoff in tears- not because your child is upset (because she's not ever upset to be or go to school), but because you miss her so fucking much even though you just spent the past 48+ hours with her
  • you think of reasons to leave work early as soon as you pull into a parking spot

Feel free to add your own.

1 comment:

  1. your coworkers expect you to be running late every Monday because they know just how hard it is to leave the babe at daycare!


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