June 15, 2011

a revisit: Things that get my Goat

10 months ago I posted something about pet peeves... about things that were really grating on me. Well it's beyond time for a revisit on Things that get my Goat!

** Of course there are exceptions to every rule- and I do completely understand this- so please keep that in mind when reading (and before submitting hate comments- heh). **

NON-baby related (shocking, I know...hopefully you were sitting as you read that. if not, I apologize if you fainted or anything)

1)  Not responding to communication.
If I take the time out to of my day and my life to communicate with you and write up an email (because it's my main source of communication as I despise the phone), maybe even attach a photo or two, and all because YOU asked me to do so, you best take the two seconds it takes to at least respond with a "Thanks." Holy HELL is it rude if you never say anything. (And I'm not talking about responding within minutes- but a week sure oughta cover it!) It's common fucking courtesy, FFS. And if you're not responding because you think I'm going to investigate more into why you're not answering, or inquire if is something wrong and submerge myself into your pity party, think again. It just shuts me down even more and next time, my communication will be much shorter- and I won't bother asking how you're doing. I just don't have the fucking time or patience (or care, to be blunt) to deal with it. We all have problems, sista.

2)  Driving in the rain without turning your headlights on.
It's fucking rude and I can't fucking see you. So take the two mofo seconds it takes to turn/flip/pull the switch and turn your lights on!!

2a)  Not using your signal when driving.
Last I checked it didn't cost extra to get working signals when buying a car so turn on your signal when you cut me off, muthafucka!!

2b) Using your cellphone when driving. (this should really be number 1)
If our parents and their parents could drive without talking on the fucking phone or, better yet, texting, then you can do. My life and my child's life is way more fucking important than that phone call or text. Put the fucking cell phones away when you get behind the wheel!

Baby related

1) Pacifiers.
If your child is capable of walking and running and playing in the playground by himself, get the fucking pacifier out of his mouth. FFS!! (We stopped at the park yesterday for a whopping 15 minutes and not one but TWO kids showed up with pacifiers in their mouth! Both were capable of walking and climbing and playing all on their own, yet there they were sucking away. WHY?!?!?!? Lovie sees this and comes to me doing her new whine- which I can only say sounds like a dead car motor trying to turn over- because now she wants a pacifier since she sees these two other kids, both bigger than her, playing and sucking on their pacifiers. I had to finally tell her, "No you can't have a binky; it's not bedtime.")  And pictures of your wide awake, happy toddler+ kid with a pacifier in his mouth... NOT.CUTE.

2)  Feeding kids.
Once your child is old enough to eat table food, please stop asking what types of food to feed.  She's not a sick dog, she's a growing human being. She's a little human being; she eats what we eat (oftentimes better)! Is it that hard to grasp?! Sure I understand you might be concerned about softness and size and that's cool- just be sure it's on the softer side (if they don't have a lot of teeth) and about the size of your nail.  That's really all you need to worry about- I swear! And please, for the love of the Wiggles, stop giving your kid mac n cheese every day "because she likes it and it's all she'll eat and at least she's eating something." Kids will eat when they're hungry. And they'll typically eat what's given to them (in the early days at least). If you don't ever give them mac n cheese, they won't know it exists. Make sense? If you want them to eat fruits and veggies and stay clear of the dreaded McDonald's (which I love *and* give to Lovie), then do not offer McDonald's. It's really not hard. I pinky swear promise.

** Of course there are exceptions to every rule- and I do completely understand this- so please keep that in mind when reading (and before submitting hate comments- heh). **


  1. Relating to comment 2a the most. i think I am the only person in this whole city who actually uses their turning signal. There are other people on the road ding dongs (I would have chosen a harsher word than 'ding dong' but I'm trying to watch my sailor mouth especially in the car).

  2. Hey my kid eats mac and cheese at least twice a week!

    One day he'll eat meat. He won't even eat veggies since his mama and dada don't .:)


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