June 4, 2011

Beach visit #1

We left the city Tuesday afternoon and headed a wee north crossing two state borders, yet only traveling for about 90 minutes including a stop to feed a very hungry (and unhappy as a result) Lovie. After checking into the hotel at about 5PM (we even managed to enter a different time zone!) we headed to the beach nearby.

This was the first time Lovie really experienced sand and a lot of Wawa (water). She kept saying Wawa! Wawa! over and over again. (I guess learning to say Water a couple days prior really came in handy.) But she really wasn't digging the texture of the sand much. I guess she really is a city girl already.

After playing on the playground and cleaning off the sand from our hands and feet we headed to dinner in the hotel's restaurant where we were able to dine outside.

It was a really lovely afternoon and a great start to our trip.


  1. Looks like you're having a great time already. Lovie is, of course, beyond adorable!
    Before the playground became her favorite place ever Ada listed sand and bubbles as her mortal enemies. They're best buds now but it took some exposure to overcome how weird sand was.

  2. Are you kidding me with that romper?! Lovie was decked out for her trip. So so so, did I mention so, cute!


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