June 24, 2011

a plus to being a "Working Mom"

...at least where I work, that is: SHOPPING during lunch breaks.

Fortunately, I work very nearby an IKEA. So not only can I go there and walk around and shop, I can also go there for some downright cheap eats. What's not to love about that?!?

Today, I picked up a little table and 2 chairs for ... you guessed it... Lovie!

It's sized perfectly for the littles and comes in a set for a whopping $19.99. Yes, TWENTY DOLLARS. And because I used my debit card, I got a whopping 1% off that. ;) And that's their every day price! How can you go wrong?! Of course it's not the best quality of table and chairs and if we were even thinking about having another child, I would've gotten something of a more sturdy quality, but for just my Lovie to sit at and color at or whatever??!? PERFECTION!

I can't wait to get it home, put together, and set up for her.

Then, on my way out, I picked up two hot dogs (all beef), a bag of chips, and a diet pepsi for $2. TWO DOLLARS. As well as a 6 pack of big ass cinnamon buns (for the weekend, eh, i'm not that much of a pig) for $4. All that food for $6. SIX DOLLARS!

Oh IKEA how I love thee!!

Then, cuz I made some great time and lucked out with a close enough parking spot, I zoomed down the street, found another good parking spot, and made my way into Nordstrom Rack and scored these (also for Lovie):

Are the not fucking adorable? I mean, they're not adorable, they are fucking adorable. Say it with me: FUCKING adorable!

And for $11.90.

It's funny because I was in the same NR about seven months ago looking for shoes to go along with Lovie's 1st Birthday Party dress and saw these exact boots. And while they don't look like a size 5.5 (they're kinda narrow and my girl has had chubby feet), I decided not to get them because she was only in a size 3- barely- and I had no clue how big her feet would get in a year.

And even though we're still a good 4 or 5 months out from needing footwear for colder weather, I snagged 'em up this time cuz she's just now busting out of her 4's.

She WILL be wearing these boots. Soon. And often.

Cuz my kid? She's cool like that, yo!


  1. Love the boots! Our kid chairs and table are also from IKEA (the table is sold as a grown-up side-table and we've had it for years. A coat of pink paint declared it Ada's). Cheap is good - she'll color on it and spill stuff on it...

    I miss shopping at lunch. Hell, I miss having a lunch. My current "lunch" is really an invitation to do other kinds of work while I get a break from taking in patients. Oh, the life I chose...

  2. I love everything! I need to get that table ! Now we really need to have a get together..a play date, would you be up for it? I live about 2 min from that IKEA....we could meet you for lunch!

  3. You crack me up!! Love those boots though!! Can't wait to see pics of Lovie in them!

  4. Amen to shopping at lunch! I love it!

    Also love that table...I'm thinking we may need one sometime soon : )


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