June 6, 2011

Vacation all I ever wanted. Vacation all I ever needed!

Oh how glorious it is to step away from reality for a bit... even if it for a few days.

That was our view from our room for three days and two nights. Granted during the night, it was much darker and we were sleeping but yeah. Not too shabby eh? Well, unless, of course, this is your view every day. But for us, it's not. No, our every day view is of a street with cars parked bumper to bumper on both sides of the street and iron fences and litter. My lord is the street covered with lots of litter. I don't care if "it's the city"; it's also 2011 and it repulses me that people still drop their trash out their car windows as they drive by or as they walk by.  So being surrounded by blue skies, lots of wa-wa (and iiishies) and fresh air for a short while is just so darn refreshing... revitalizing.

I could've bathed in it.

Instead I took a ton of pictures: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

And today? Today I'm back at work while my Lovie is at daycare. Oh boy was it hard leaving her this morning. Neither of us cried but man did I want to. I gave her an extra hundred kisses before I left but.. man, was that hard.

She was awesome on our trip. Fortunately we're "go with the flow" type of people so while we're sticklers for routine as far as napping, bedtimes, etc, during our everyday life, we're also OK with letting go of that routine when needed. And vacation is a time when letting go is needed. We didn't worry about bed times or nap times. We just wanted to have fun and wanted everyone to be happy, and everything just sort of fell in to place perfectly as far as what we saw and did.

Coming back home and getting settled back into a routine, however, was a lot harder than I thought. Finally by yesterday (Sunday), Lovie was back in her groove but up till then there were LOTS of tears come nap and bed time.. and that was something I wasn't used to, nor was I expecting to be honest. I'm just thankful that we came home on Thursday (we almost stayed longer last minute), allowing her several days to get back to normal or I'm not sure how today would've gone.


  1. Yes I imagine getting back to the routine will be hard when we get back. We have a day at home and then Thursday and Friday of work, so the routine will be back when we go to the sitter that Thursday morning. So glad you had fun!! :)

  2. Getting back into a routine is brutal. I love long weekends and vacations but hate the first day or two back!

  3. Is that new buffalo?? If it is, we love it there, we go all the time!!!!

  4. Hey! I just got caught up on your vaca! So glad Lovie loved the wawa! She's a sweet girl, and you're awesome parents. :) welcome home.


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