June 8, 2011

What's up with my kid?

Yesterday when we got home and I finally got Lovie to come inside the house (after having to literally run after her {in 100 degree temperatures-ugh!} after she spotted some big kids, definitely school aged, playing near the end of the block), she climbed the stairs and stopped at one step and asked, “Wuzzat?”

It was the same exact tiny spot (about a centimeter long) that she stopped to point to and ask “Whuzzat?” just one day prior and, again, I stated that it was just dirt.

If she does it again tonight, I'm not sure what I'll do.
Also, when she's barefoot in the house, she will always randomly stop walking or running around, sit on the floor, and start to pick the stuff off her feet and wipe her feet clean. I've caught her sitting with one foot up to her face, studying it and picking at it, for a good 10 minutes over the weekend. She'll do the same with her hands (which is why she doesn't care for sand, eh). It's all very cute to watch but... What's up with my kid?*
Is this all normal stuff or is she becoming a little ... obsessive?*
*I'm not really concerned, fyi... unless i should be


  1. Ahh Lovie...she just doesn't like being dirty!

    I was watching Pie and her cousin E (who is 6 wks older) play the other day and Pie was elbow deep in the dirt and mud, meanwhile E held her hand just over the dirt never touching it and then ran away. It's just a personality thing.

    Sometimes I wish Pie was a little less happy to get filthy...makes for a lot of stain remover I have to buy :D

  2. That is really funny. I'm the same way (hate stepping on crap in the house) (you'd think that would make me clean the floors more, huh?) (you'd be wrong. I hate doing floors) but it doesn't bother Ollie. I'd have to agree with (the other) Sara... it's a personality quirk!


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