June 22, 2011

Dear Nick Jr.,

I used to be one of those moms that said she would never plop her child down in front of the TV. And until my Lovie was about 13 months, I stuck to that vow. We played, we ate, we napped, we played, we laughed, we sang and danced... we did everything but watch TV and she was fine with that.

But then she started coming home from daycare tired and cranky and hungry and wouldn't allow me to breathe for one second let alone get her something ready to eat... unless the TV was on.

So she started watching Sprout TV and then when something came on that she didn't care for (um, hello snoozefest Driver Dan!), I would switch to you guys, Nick Jr., and she started watching and enjoying The Fresh Beat Band (FBB) to the point that she loved it. Loved. Soon, anytime the show came on, she'd instantly start
dancing and singing along and what's the harm in that? At least she wasn't a lump of potatoes on the couch (like me).

Then you went and changed time slots and put on Bubble Guppies and ... Team Umizoomi.

** TEAM UMIZOOMI pic should be here but i can't get the mofo to upload **

At first I was a little upset because of how much she seemed to enjoy every episode (even the repeats repeated time and time again) of Fresh Beat Band, but because we had seen Team Umizoomi a couple times on the weekend (when the TV is sincerely rarely on) and we both loved it, I figured Team Umi might be a good alternative to FBB (and, frankly, between you and me, Nick Jr., it was a bit of a relief not to endure another "What a great day!" episode of FBB).

Well, it didn't take long before Lovie fell MADLY IN LOVE with Team Umizoomi. Like, I'd be all, "Okay, let's go watch Team Umizoomi" after she'd eat and she'd be all BIG HUGE SMILES AND GIGGLES AND "Go go go go go!!"

And then. After a couple weeks. A mere couple of weeks. You change time slots. Again.


No, really, WTF?!? And now in its place is some crap shows that nobody cares about. (Could the Backyardigans be any more creepy?!?)
And if it wasn't bad enough that you changed up the time slots, you now taunt us both with commercials for Team Umizoomi, resulting in a very happy Lovie for 20 seconds till the clip comes to an end and then she's all YOU KILLED MY KITTY distraught again!

So why? Why why WHY did you change the time slots again?!? And sooo soon? Why get us used to the new shows and then take it away?

It's not cool. At all. Especially when we don't have a DVR or Tivo or anything.

Poo on you Nick Jr! Poo on you!


  1. The Disney Channel does this REPEATEDLY. Manny was on at 7, then 630, now it's on at 6. It was replaced my Mickey MOuse Clubhouse, which PJ loves, but then they replaced THAT with some stupid pirate show. I don't get it. KIDS NEED SCHEDULES PEOPLE!

  2. Mia isn't really into TV (she's too busy picking trash out of the trash can and eating it while her brother watches his shows! ;) but I do hear Linnie (her daycare lady) always talking about how much Nick Jr changes up their shows ALL THE TIME! :)

    Hopefully Lovie hasn't been scarred for life! Next time, just distract her with an eaten apple core out of the trash! Apparently it's all the rage in the toddler world ;)


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