November 29, 2012

"Mom" by Lovie

I was gonna do this and then I wasn't. I was gonna do it and then had her do it but then decided to post this instead. But then I saw and read this and laughed so hard I had to share mine after all.

So that's that and this is it... Lovie's portrait of ... Me:

I stood by her as she created this. She kept looking at me and saying, "Ok now for the ... ears!" or whatever it was she drew next. She didn't look at me for the face, eyes, hair, or nose because I guess those she knows by heart. The rest she looked at me and studied me for 2.2 seconds before adding to her masterpiece.

So here's the breakdown, per Lovie:


Truth of the matter is, she's got it about right: I'm a blob.


  1. Awww, it's cute! My daughter draws me with a pig nose and scary jack-o-lantern teeth.

  2. You are beautiful and you have the official drawing to prove it!

  3. Aw, I'm sure you are not a blob at all--you are God's masterpiece no matter how your kid draws you! Thanks for the numbered parts--it really helped me understand the drawing.


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