November 26, 2012

day 26 NaBloPoMo: Listicle

Not a day goes by when I'm not grateful and thankful for my phone. It's not an iPhone but it is a smart phone with a nice little camera and man, what a godsend that handy little thing is... How lucky will Lovie be to have all these photos of her and her life to look back on (opposed to the not even one photo album from my youth... third child problems).

1= the sleeper part of our third "new" couch from Ashley Furniture in two months- the sleeper part constantly bottoms out and ends up on the floor. it's super hard not to get frustrated about this. the love seat is perfectly fine so I'm guessing it's just that this piece shouldn't be made as a sleeper, but the fact that Ashley won't just say that and rectify the situation with a new non-shitty sleeper, has really gotten on my last nerve.

2= Lovie on Thanksgiving night with 8 pony tails in her hair, napless, and about ready to pass out

3= Lovie putting ornaments on the tree the other night

4= Taye and Lovie watch Sofia the Princess

5= Finished Christmas Tree

6= Yesterday's "quiet time" results

7= Pancakes or Cheerios?

8= Christopher Pop-in-kins (cuter version-IMO-of elf on the shelf) has made his appearance

9= Miss "No I don't wanna nap" before a birthday party the other week.

10= Homage to Hostess


  1. She is such a doll! I so wish I had a smartphone when mine were little. You will be so, so, so very happy to have all these pics in a few years.

  2. Love the pics... well, except the couch one. That just sucks! My favorite is #10!


  3. Great pics! I love the napless one, also, the sleeping in the crib one. :)

  4. Your Lovie is seriously the cutest thing. I don't even know her but I want to smother her in kisses (don't tell her though, I don't want to freak her out!)

  5. Cute, cute, cute! I have an iPhone but it doesn't take great photos--I think the newer generation ones do. Your phone does just fine!

  6. Pancakes! Adorable pictures!

    And you know what I discovered? My children have never had Twinkies and now I can't find any! Ellen

  7. She is turning into such a pretty young girl. Not a baby anymore at all ;) that couch thing would really bug me!


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