November 6, 2012

day 6 NaBloPoMo: total blog post

I sincerely have nothing to write about today.

I want to partake over at YeahWrite's Speakeasy and conjure up some fiction, but the prompt just isn't clicking with me. I want to write about how my life changed four years ago when the first black man was elected president, but meh, we've all heard it all before. I want to write about how it pisses me off that some people aren't voting just because they don't feel like it or because they don't feel their vote will make a difference etc, but again, we've all heard it all before.

So what's left to write about?

I'm tired.  But that's nothing new.

My kid is driving me bonkers with her attitude lately when I get her in the car after school. And while that's new to me, it's not something I want to focus on so why write about it?

So what else is there? What else? Write. Think. Write. Write. About whatever. What? Whatever. I said just write write write. Go back in time to your fiction writing, semi-circle days. Tell me a far away sound a near sound. Tell me something you smell. Give me a word, any word.

shuffling paper nearby... sniffles far away
peanut butter... lemon pledge
fingers tap dancing on the keyboard
clicking from computer mouses
someone's thinking about looking at porn
someone's thinking about getting a divorce
someone's actually working
stapling- cachunka

What do I get for my husband's birthday in a couple weeks?
Will I be able to find parking when I GO VOTE later?
Should I take Lovie with me to vote or should I drop her off at home since Taye is there waiting for our couch to be delivered? The couch that broke two days after getting it. BRAND NEW.

God I really need to order some new bras. Desperately need to do this!
My car needs a tune-up.

There's no time for anything. I don't do a lot during my work day but sit in front of this computer. How much shit could I get done if I didn't have to work? Not as much as I think because I wouldn't have any money if I didn't work. And I'd have a 2 year old to drag with me everywhere. I don't really get how SAHM's do it. I miss my girl but she's so much happier in a school routine. No, really.

I guess I'll go get my lunch now.

I need to pay daycare so I gotta leave early to get to the bank. Wonder if they found Lovie's sweater. Sure would be nice. God I hate losing shit there.

Need to make an appointment to get my hair chopped and a facial.



  1. You just captured how my mind works. One thing to the next to the next....gawd. I used to be such a deep thinker. What the hell happened? Wait. The water is boiling. Ingram just fussed, he's about to wake up. I need to pack up for the playground to wear Ada out. Do I need laundry detergent? I wonder how the pellet stove works in case our power goes out tomorrow. Shit. I bit the inside of my lip AGAIN. Should I invite Jill to lunch? I think it's time for an exersaucer....

  2. Sounds like my thought stream!

  3. I think you really did capture how it feel when you've got "stuff" and you can't figure out what to write. I sit in front of the computer throwing spaghetti against a virtual wall. Nothing's sticking! I need bra's too! A facial would be great. I need more clients...As much as NaBloPoMo is great, I'm getting brain freeze! Loved the reality of First World Life you portrayed today!

  4. My favorite thing about this post is that you wrote. You didn't want to, didn't think you could, but you did it!
    My second favorite thing?


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