November 7, 2012


"As soon as you finish your juice, we're gonna go," I excitedly said. "We're gonna go vote!"

Lovie looked at me, eyes getting bigger and a smile creeping onto her face before she let out a little gasp. "I can be the captain?"

Puzzled I said, "Sure, baby. Come on and finish your juice now, so we can go vote!"

"I go boat Miss Esmeralda and I can be the captain!"

"Oh really?" Lovie's teacher replied, smiling back at an excited Lovie.

"Mama, what color is the boat? Can my friends come too?"

"Oh no, baby," I replied trying to stifle the laughter. "We're not going on a boat, we're going to go VOTE."

"And I can be the captain?"

"Oh honey, we're gonna go into a building and then I'm gonna fill out some paper," I said, trying to figure out a way to explain this whole voting process since we haven't even brought up any kind of politics to date.

I could see the confusion wash over Lovie.

"It's a special building!" I said, trying to make it more exciting.

"Oh a special building?" she said. "But what about the boat?"

I couldn't stifle the laughter any longer yet somehow managed to get Lovie to finish her juice, wrap her crackers in a napkin, and get her coat and hat on and out the door.

Traffic was a bitch; I wasn't the only person trying to get home to vote, apparently. (It wasn't until hours later when I realized, Duh dumbass. You live in Chicago. Where do you think Obama is going to make a speech from?)

After an hour long drive in thick traffic while trying to convey the whole Voting vs Boating thing to my 2-year-old--and ensuring that while some buildings we passed were special, they weren't the special building we needed--I pulled into our neighborhood and Lovie whined, "But I thought we go to a special building!"

"We are, baby, I promise! We have to just drive past our house a little first."

"Mama I can bring bamabear?"

"Sure baby, you can bring Grandmabear with you," I answered, pulling into a spot right in front of the polling place, which happened to also house a preschool, catching Lovie's attention.

We walked into the "special building" and into a room dedicated for voting. I was able to give my driver's license right away, received my voting sheet(s), found an open booth, and voted. All while Lovie stood nearby sucking on a ring lollipop.

It took all of five minutes maybe?

But I did it. And it felt amazing...


Especially with my Lovie by my side (even though she thought we were going boating and most likely won't even remember last night).


  1. Voting does feel very empowering, despite all those who don't think their vote counts.

  2. I agree that it felt empowering. That Lovie is such a cute, good girl! Vote, Boat...I totally get it!


  3. What a cute, sweet little girl! Voting does make one feel like the captain for a while.

  4. Ha, ha! That's so cute. Voting is great and all, but I can see how if you were expecting a cruise it could be a bit of a letdown. :)

  5. LOVE this! I had a similar experience by taking my 3 year old to vote with me,but it is such an important part of our citizenship. I felt empowered by voting and was so proud of my son for participating. But oh yes so hard to explain politics to toddlers... :)

  6. Thing Two went with me to vote yesterday. Thing One was going to go, but wasn't feeling well. Even though he's 13, it still meant a ton to me that he wanted to go and just WATCH me doing my civic duty.

  7. Oh my goodness, she is so CUTE!
    I'm glad you were able to exercise your right to boat! ;-)


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