November 5, 2012

day 5 NaBloPoMo: the Snaply

Remember how I said things were changing with our weekend morning routines? That Lovie wasn't interested in snuggling in bed with us while watching cartoons? And I was kinda bummed about it?

Well, that is still the case, but she does still like to snuggle for naps.

Introducing the Snaply, the snugly nap:

room was dark and flash was too bright so i had to keep my eyes shut during the photo

They're the bomb diggity and I highly encourage you to take advantage if you have time.

I know it may seem like you don't have time, but oh man is it worth it if you can make it...

We scored free tickets to the circus yesterday but the show was at 1 o'clock. That's usually nap time if we're lucky. But thanks to the time change and Lovie falling asleep in the car on the way home Saturday night, she woke before any other human in the world yesterday and we were able to get in an earlier than usual nap before the Circus.

At first we tried our regular old read-a-story-lay-your-ass-down-in-bed-and-take-a-nap routine. But someone wasn't having it. So I quietly went into her room--light still out, shades still down--and scooped her up into my arms to tell her a spooky story, which she still requests.

She burrowed into me and I told a story until we both fell asleep...The two of us...Sitting on a super comfy yet cheap ass chair from IKEA.

I woke up about an hour into the nap with a stiff neck and Taye peeked in shortly after. I asked that he take the photo because I know what it feels like to hold her and get an awesome Snaply in, but I wanted to see what it looked like, too.

Just as wonderful as it felt.


  1. This is a GORGEOUS picture, Christina, of a wonderful moment! This makes me happy for you. It deserves to be framed because you both look peaceful, blissful and beautiful. Just my $.02!


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