November 18, 2012

Day 18 NaBloPoMo: technology

Can I actually transcribe a blog post by speaking into my phone? How f*cking bad*ss is that? Ha ha it even puts in the little Asterisks to avoid actually cussing. Too funny and too cool.

Of coarse I could just use Swype and that works easily too. Technology can be so damn awesome. And scary. What's to come, you know? Certainly my 89 year old grandmother never thought a day like today would exist...right? So what does Lovie's future hold? I mean besides turkey and the fixings on Thursday of course.

And speaking of technology, I've finally discovered or gotten on the Pandora bandwagon. Now that is badass (Heh take that asterisk!). I "discovered" it cuz I can't recall the last time I bought a CD yet I really really really am loving the sounds of those Mumford and Sons boys.


  1. Day 18- How awesome are you?
    Mumford & Sons are super fabulous. We love them in our house.

  2. What? Can you really transcribe a post on your phone? That's so fancy! I will have to try it, thanks for the tip!


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