March 14, 2011

more faves

These pouches of fruit and/or veggies are AWESOME. Seriously.So.Awesome! Lovie enjoys them and I'm so super duper excited to have found them because they're super duper easy to just pop in my bag so that when we start stopping at the park on our way home from school/work, a little someone will have something to nosh on so she doesn't have a meltdown that dinner's not served the second we step foot home. Love, love, LOVE: (i get them from Target for like $1 a piece)

OMG are these little things addictive. Holy crap. And soooo tasty. Yum Yum YUMMMMM! We've Lovie's tried the chocolate ones, the mixed ones (choc chip, chocolate, honey), and the wheat ones. None of us She doesn't like the wheat ones at all. Love, Love, LOVE: Annie's Bunny Grahams! (i get these from Target or Walmart for like $2.50ish a box.)

Bryan Adams (51!) will always hold a special place in my heart. I know it's crazy and juvenile but whatever. I love this man. I love how real he is and I love that he LOVES what he does. Well... he's gonna be a Daddy for the first time this May. It's so silly but I'm super excited to hear how being a Daddy inspires his music. After being a mom now for almost 15 months, I can't imagine parenthood NOT inspiring him and his art.

all photos in the post were found thru google images

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  1. Love the pouches! They are a perfect snack. Pie gets all happy and grabby when she sees them. We haven't tried the bunnies yet, I'm afraid I would eat them all :D


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