March 15, 2011

ABC's of little ol me!

I saw this on a few blogs lately, most recently at Mama's Monolgues, and thought it would be fun! Feel free to jump in here too!

The ABC's Of Me:

{a} Age: 38, 39 in September
{b} Bed Size: Queen
{c} Chore You Hate: toilets. blech!!
{d} Dogs: not a big fan. sorry.
{e} Essential Start To Your Day: kissing on my Lovie
{f} Favorite Color: green
{g} Gold Or Silver: absolutely silver. it matches my hair!
{h} Height: 5'4
{i} Instruments You Play: none. :(
{j} Job Title: yes, i have one
{k} Kids: my one and only Lovie
{l} Live: Chicago
{m} Mom's Name: Gertrud (quit snickering!)
{n} Nicknames: the husband used to call me Sweetheart
{o} Overnight Hospital Stays: when I had Lovie
{p} Pet Peeve: I've got a lot of them... liars is a good one to start with, though.
{q} Quote From A Movie: Demented and sad, but social.
{r} Right- Or Left-Handed: Right
{s} Siblings: older brother, older sister
{t} Time You Wake Up: 430 M-F, usually between 6&7 on the weekend because of Lovie
{u} Underwear: Yes.
{v} Vegetables You Dislike: Peas are nasty. Just don't tell Lovie.
{w} What Makes You Run Late: oh man. this is one of my pet peeves, actually. i HATE being late to anything. my husband, on the other hand... UGH.
{x} X-Rays You've Had: Teeth, ankles, legs, gut
{y} Yummy Food You Make: a MEAN egg and potato dish that everyone devours.
{z} Zoo - Favorite Animal: blech. i'm so not a zoo person.

Want a turn? Feel free to grab this for yourself too! But make sure to leave a comment telling me so I can be sure to check out your post too! I'd love to hear your answers!


  1. Oh, yay! Glad you liked this! I agree - peas are NASTY!!!

    I'm your newest follower too! And in that post below? Your daughter is ridiculously adorable!!! Congrats on a beautiful baby girl!

  2. I stole this. it's on my blog


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