March 2, 2011

I find it almost scary how a couple days away from everything due to a sickness can feel like weeks away, if not months.

I've been quite sick the past several days. It actually started back of February 17 when my throat started to hurt and I felt like I was coming down with something. On the 18th, it was hard to swallow but everything else was OK- though I was quite tired and remember going to bed quite early. Saturday the 19th, my mom came over to spend the night so that the husband and I could go out. I was in bed at 7pm though. All last week, the sore throat and tiredness turned into a hacking cough that wouldn't let up. This past Friday, the 25th, was the first time it didn't hurt to swallow in over a week, but the coughing was awful and dry and bark-like. And I was so tired and in bed right after Lovie again.

Saturday when I woke, I looked at the clock and saw it was 8am. And then it dawned on me that Lovie was still sleeping... after 13 hours of not hearing from her! I freaked out and peaked in her room and she was just sitting there in her crib. I waved, expecting her to get excited like normal but she just waved back. I went in and scooped her up and she was sooo warm. I took her temp and it was 100.3. She just clung to me. My poor sweet baby.

We hung out on the couch all day- Lovie and me and sometimes the husband. She basically laid on one of us all day. It was rough because I was coughing up a storm and my entire head felt like it would explode at any given moment it was so stuffy. Her temp stayed the same pretty much all day till it reached 103.5 late in the day. We got her in a cool tub, gave her some ibuprofen and got it down to 102 before putting her to bed.

Sunday I was still in hell, but Lovie was better- for the most part. A couple times her temp rose a bit but the highest it got was 101 before going back down for good. Thankfully. That was about 3pm when the husband finally took me to a Minute Clinic where I was diagnosed with severe bronchitis. Yippee Skippee. And because of my high blood pressure and codeine allergy, they couldn't give me anything more than a cough relaxer pill. But it worked. I got home, took the pill, took some alcohol Nyquil and passed out.

Monday I stayed home. I was feeling better but oh so tired and the cough was still quite prevalent- alongside a stuffy head. Lovie was a bit congested too, but fever-free again. She actually played a little on Monday.

Yesterday was a repeat of Monday though Lovie was 100% recovered.

Today... today I wish I was still in bed. I think I should've stayed home. I'm sooooo incredibly tired. I can't even describe it.

I'm guessing that's adding to this feeling like I've been away for weeks...


  1. I'm so sorry you guys were sick! Fingers crossed you'll be feeling better soon.

  2. Oh No! You guys are in my prayers. Being sick is the pits!


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