March 29, 2011

one and a quarter

My sweet baby doll is 15 months… 1 and ¼ year old today!

Things she seems to love these days:
  • talking (non-stop: most we can’t understand but things are getting clearer)
  • eating (non-stop: she bangs on the silverware drawer which is under the snacks; she’ll also step on her high chair and whine when she’s hungry)
  • harassing the cats (making a sound, “iiiiiiiiihh” that mocks my “niiiiiice” when petting them)
  • snuggling after waking up (love love love love love)
  • dancing
  • singing (this is new- and quite darn cute)
  • laughing (especially when we jump out and Rawr at her or when we tickle her or when we laugh)
  • looking out the window
  • going bye bye (just not necessarily getting her coat and hat on)
  • climbing (the stairs, the couch, chairs, etc)
  • trying to use a spoon by herself
  • playing with shape sorters, blocks, cars (roooom)
  • saying No No No when she means it (sometimes adding a shake of the head and wave of a hand to Really means it)
  • books (when we read- but she’s been reading by herself lately too)
  • Kitty (everything that moves and is smaller than her is Kitty- dogs, squirrels, etc)
  • The Wiggles
  • Television (specifically Nina and Star on Sprout TV and The Fresh Beats Band on Nick Jr)
  • Grandma Bear and binky at bed/naptime

Things she’s not too fond of these days:
  • anything that has to do with her head/hair
  • when we’re firm with our No’s (for example, we’re super mean and don’t allow her to walk around with a sippy cup)
  • This Song/Video

All in all, she's just such an awesome little girl! We're so damn lucky!

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  1. Is it too soon to start talkin about an arranged marriage?;)She is so cute!

  2. You ARE super mean!!! Who doesn't let their kid walk around with her sippy cup? I mean, why wouldn't you want her to trip, knock herself in the face with her cup, clean up the spilled milk, etc??? ;o) And I absolutely LOVE the fact that she can't stand that Friday song. Hilarious!!!!

  3. Yay! She sounds like so much fun to be around! (As long as she gets her way... haha)

    The singing and dancing kill me - got any video? ;)


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