March 15, 2011

stupid time change

The first thing I noticed yesterday when picking up Lovie from school was that she had one 45 minute nap. One nap. 45 minutes long. And the night before, thanks to the brightness in her room due to the stupid time change, she was up an hour longer than normal partying (jumping up and down, singing, laughing maniacally, playing with her dolls, etc) in her crib.

So it was no real shocking surprise to me that when we stepped foot home yesterday, she started whining and trying to velcro herself to me. 

I immediately scooped her up and brought her into her room, laid her down in the crib, gave her a binky and her grandmabear, and, 15 minutes later, this is what I saw:

I adore the way she curls up into a ball. It reminds me of when she was a newborn and would curl herself onto my chest... it reminds me of when she was in utero.

My god does she take my breath away. Just soooo beautiful... so sweet... so peaceful.

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  1. Hi there, I just found your blog on Top Baby Blogs. I'm having trouble with the time change myself! Looking forward to reading more. Hope you'll stop by sometime :)

  2. I LOVE watching little ones sleep. They are so cuddly and cute!

  3. Ugh, we had one crappy nap at daycare yesterday too... it sucks!

    I guess if she needs her rest and sleeps while you're home at least you can take awesome pictures of her!

  4. Sleeping babies are so gorgeous. :)

  5. This pretty much sounds like the scenario at my house. The time change isn't working for my little man at all! BTW, just found your blog and I love!


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