March 7, 2011

Please be honest. Please.

I really need unbiased opinions. It's not that those unbiased opinions will change my mind, but I'm really curious to hear from folk who don't really know who I am in real life.

Now, in order to participate, I need to ask that you ignore the subtitle of my blog. Ignore. Pretend that the pictures you're about to see are of someone you know nothing about. Got it?


Question 1: Does this eye look old to you?

Never mind that it looks tired and red and that the eye brow needs some tweeze action. Never mind the mole on the nose. Does the eye look old? Does the skin around the eye look old? Like, how old would you think this person is if you were to meet them and see that eye? Please be honest. Please.

Question 2: What do you think of this hair?

Imagine, if you will, that this hair is long- past the shoulders. Does the silver/gray/white completely SCREAM to you that the person whose head its atop is old as dirt? Please be honest. Please.

Question 3: Does the eye match the hair? Basically... Question 3a: How old is the person behind the eye? Question 3b: How old is the person behind the hair (if different than 3a)?

And finally,

Question 4: Isn't she the cutest?

Funny. I'm just now realizing that I the person with the silver/gray/white hair is wearing the same color as Lovie today.

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  1. 1. No (beautiful color by the way)
    2. The hair is aging
    3. They don't match
    3a. I'd guess early/mid 30s
    3b. I'd guess late 40s/early 50s
    4. YES!! She just gets more gorgeous every day. Love her!

    Okay, so the eye is in good shape. The skin around it is tight and it looks bright, if not a little tired. The hair, though I'm not usually one to care about grays, does age you a bit. Bottom line, you look great. :)

  2. I love your eyes. Your eyes are so young looking.

    I will be honest. Your hair color makes you look older. I think (and this is just my opinion) you would look beautiful with a dark brown color all over. IT would be so shiny and beautiful and it's not that hard to keep up. You can do it at home. Can you tell I went to beauty school? ; )
    If you want recommendations of color let me know.

    And yes Lovie is adorable!!!

  3. I am officially jealous of your young eyes! lol

    I would dye the hair if it was mine. Shoot I dye my hair and I have no gray so that should tell you how much I love hair color lol

  4. Hey! You've got great eyes, you already know, you minx!

    Maybe you could be one of those girls that goes all grey ON PURPOSE!

    Seriously, it could look hot.


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