March 11, 2011

Few of my Favorite things Friday

Keep in mind I'm old therefore pretty late in the game with most of this stuff so if you've been there done that, I apologize.

Some recent things I've come to love, in no specific order:

I blame my husband for keeping me away for so long. He's not even on Facebook because he's just too cool. Same with Twitter and every other social networking site available. Well good for him, I say. Me? I'm digging Twitter a lot these days. It can be time consuming because I can easily get distracted and sucked in with it, but I do enjoy Tweeting. (and you might want to consider that a warning of sorts *wink*)

Dear lord I'm not sure what the hell took me so long to jump on this train. It has made my life so much easier when it comes to keeping up with blogs and news feeds. SO.MUCH.EASIER. I cannot even convey how much easier and faster and ... honestly... I can't even put it into words how much I'm digging Google Reader. This is by far my #1 favorite thing these days (well, exclude my Lovie of course). I even discovered how to tweet out things I like directly from it so be on the lookout- you may not have your blog set up to be tweeted, but I do! If that's a problem, you really might want to privatize your blog. Seriously. It's the internet, People. Nothing is sacred once it hits the web!


This is a site I just recently decided to check out (by recently I mean last night, eh) and hot dayum is it awesome. I freaking love the time I can waste on this one... not that I necessarily have a lot of time sitting around to waste (could come in handy at work though *wink*).

Chica, Nina, Star from Sprout TV

It's pretty funny. Just the other week I was confessing that I finally caved and turned on the TV to watch Lovie... and now here we are watching it every night since then (excluding weekends when the TV, believe it or not, is rarely on). She's only napping once during the day during the week at school and having Sprout on when we get home has really made her one nap doable; it's made lasting until bedtime OK. There haven't been any meltdowns this week and I really do attribute it to Sprout TV. Chica and the morning show host sing their Happy Happy Birthday song every night and Nina and Star talk about different things every night, even teaching whatever word they're discussing for the night in Spanish.

Lovie will stand by the coffee table whenever they're on the TV and study the TV and when a commercial comes on or an actual show, she comes to me on the couch and wants to sit with me. So we sit together every single night and I cannot even express how full my heart has felt all week this week. Sitting on the couch, holding my love bug- kissing her and hugging her (and sometimes tickling and talking and playing and reading, too!)... it's just so incredible for me to have this one on one time with her every single day!

Here's another brand new discovery (as in hours ago). It's another one of those daily deal sites, only it seems that it's catered to where you live, too. From what I can tell they have a local daily deal and an everyone can have daily deal. So excited about this site because if you know anything about me, you know I'm a cheapass who loves a good deal.

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  1. I'm going to have to check out Plum District. And Stumble Upon is so dangerous for me...I can kill all kinds of time with that!

  2. I'm going to have to check out Plum District. And Stumble Upon is so dangerous for me...I can kill all kinds of time with that!

  3. Why O why did I go to Stumble Upon?! LOL I am gonna be up alll night!


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