March 24, 2011

Mambo number 5

Er, not really... more like Toofers Number 5. (What is it about baby teeth that turns me into a 3 year old? Why can't I say Teeth or Tooth? Why, when it comes to little babes and their brand new teeth, do I HAVE to refer to them as Teef or Toofs or Toofers or Teefies, etc, etc?!?)

I haven't taken any pictures of my darling in almost two weeks so yesterday I made sure to carry the camera around with us after we got home for the day. And when I was looking thru the pictures after downloading them to the computer, I came across that one up there and was like SHE'S GOT ANOTHER TOOF!! I hollered over to the husband and he asked me to zoom in a bit and we both agree there's another toofie in her mouf, making it Toofers Number Five!

Some other favorites from the night are when she could see herself in the little flip view thing...

God do I love this child. With everything that I am. It's insane the love I have for her. Insane.

After I downloaded these pictures and marveled over her incredibleness, I logged in to Facebook for the last time before going to bed... and my eyes came across an update that left me with tears streaming down my face and feeling like someone had punched me in the gut. Writing about it now is leaving the same taste in my mouth, too. Fuck is this hard.

Back in September I posted about my cousin's kid, then a mere 6 months old, who had just undergone a liver transplant. At the time I just asked that if you were reading this, that you just take a tiny moment to just think about Tyler and his family in a positive manner. And I swear to you that it worked. It really did.

Well... they need our positive vibes again.  Please send any POSITIVE energy you can in any shape you can to this little boy, Tyler, and his family.


  1. Good luck with those teeth. We were kind of lucky, Jack has all of his teeth already!!!!! He got a bunch at once so we went through a rough time for a short time.

  2. Sending all my good thoughts. xoxo

  3. My good vibes are going Tyler's way...

    And I can't stop myself from saying teef either!


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