September 10, 2010

I've been really trying to avoid posting this.

I was really hoping things would get fixed and everything would go back to being wonderful... but they haven't.

My cousin's baby boy, six month old Tyler, had a liver transplant on August 31st. He's been having issues since the day he was born and has been fighting to live every day since.

He and his parents have been living at the Children's Hospital here for about a month now. Things were touch and go once the transplant took place but I guess now they are not looking so good again.  Tyler may need yet another surgery.

I'm in tears writing this. He's SIX MONTHS OLD. We have yet to meet the little guy. He and Lovie have yet to play together!  This should not be happening!

I'm not asking for anything other than a thought, a prayer, any little POSITIVE thing you can muster if you're reading this. Please. Just take one moment to send some positive energy Tyler's way.


  1. I'll be thinking about you and your family. I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers being sent your way!

  2. Sending a big hug to you and big prayers to your family and their dear little one.

  3. I'm so sorry. I really hope things start to get better.

  4. Oh my gosh that is so sad. I am sending all of my positive vibes Tyler's way. I really hope he gets better. Please keep us posted.


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