September 17, 2010

Pillow talk

I think it may be time...

We've witnessed her using her Seahorse or one of her Grandma Bears as a pillow before...

We've witnessed her trying to use the bumper before, too...

But we've never found her this passed out on it.

I could just eat her up... how could she be *that* beautiful?!

I think it's time for my not-so-itty-bitty-anymore baby doll to get her first pillow. Wow. Do they even make baby pillows?


  1. She is SO GORGEOUS!!! I just want to snuggle her!

  2. hehe... i love the passed out, mouth agape, toddler pose. too cute!

  3. Ha! I love that sprawled out pose... you'd think her neck would be hurty when she woke up, but I've learned the hard way to leave well enough alone when it comes to sleeping babes...


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