September 2, 2010



Just to prove how old I am: My license expires in 4 days on Labor Day, my really pushing 40 birthday. Gross.

I have to get to the DMV at some point between here and there. And I have to take the written and driving test again, I believe. Because I'm that old.

I mean, shit; I've been driving for over twenty years now. WHAT?!


  1. I am new here! Would love for you to come visit me too :)

    Have a great day!

  2. I'm old too. Don't sweat it. :-)

    You have to take the driving and written tests again? Very odd. I don't think we ever have to do that here in FL. Maybe we should...then some of these *really* old farts wouldn't be able to get behind the wheel and drive 40 mph below the speed limit in the left lane of the interstate.

    Have a happy birthday!

  3. Yup...old. And feeling more so every day!

  4. YOu are not old! 40 is the new 30! Happy Birthday!


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