September 13, 2010

Meetup Monday Minute

1. Decided to try a new blog hop thingmajig and the Meetup Monday:

snapped from my momma's cell phone yesterday
2. Am noticing that the older Lovie gets, the more active she is, the less pictures I snap. This revelation saddens me greatly. I've always envisioned taking picture after picture to capture absolutely all that I could- and then some (I'm the youngest of three and there aren't many pictures of me growing up so maybe this is why I thought I'd take a ton of pics??). But now that Lovie is doing her own thing, which oftentimes includes crawling up on me, it's just hard to snap anything worthwhile. I got a shitton of head shots over the weekend- but they're all of the back of her head or the top of her head. Oh well.

3. Lovie was rather clingy this weekend. So Saturday, while her daddy was out picking an awesome kitchen table and chair set and some shit from IKEA, I ended up getting down to Lovie;s level in the middle of her play room and acting like an 8.5 month old. And it was so much fucking fun. No, really! And then Lovie's face lit up like a Christmas Tree before she jumped on me and we started wrestling. Hehe. Fun, fun times. And just another reason why I don't understand parents who don't get down to their kids level to play with them at least once in a while.  It really does do a heart good.

4. For the first time in about five years, we finally have a kitchen table and chairs and sat down at them yesterday! It may sound silly and quite trivial, but wow was it nice. My momma came over to visit for a bit and we were all able to sit at the table to eat, to feed Lovie (she's eating SO much these days btw), and then after Lovie went down for a nap, we conversed. The three of us- me, hubs, my momma. Sitting around the kitchen table talking about whatever. Including how we were sitting around the kitchen table!

5. My right eye is crusty and oozy. I'm sick of it. I haven't worn *any* eye makeup (which used to be the *only* form of makeup I'd wear) in months because of it. I finally got my ass into the doctor's office the other day and he told me it was allergies and prescribed me not one, but two different eye drops. It's been like 5 days and there's no improvement. WTF?!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! You are so sweet. My heart goes out to Tyler rand his parents. Since becoming a parent a year ago these stories always make me cry. I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way.


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