September 21, 2010

You got me!

I have another blog that's private written to and for my Lovie. The plan is to turn it into a book one day for her- much like I plan on doing (still) with my pregnancy blog.

I was just sitting here thinking of her (shocking, I know) and remembered to post something there before I forgot to do so yet again... something not so incredibly significant, yet very much so. I thought I'd share here, too. Maybe it will inspire someone to "note" something not so incredibly significant, yet very much so. Or maybe I just am so in love with my kid that I want to AW her awesomeness everywhere today. Whatever. Like it or don't. I personally love it.

I keep forgetting to come here and tell you- you're a funny kid! : ) No, really. As each day passes, the more and more you learn and do, and the more funny you become. And it's on purpose, too!

Case in point: for weeks now when we're playing, just you and I, you blow raspberries on me the way I've done since almost day 1 on your belly during diaper changes. I noticed it about a month ago when we were farting around on our (mommy and daddy's) bed. I would "get you" and hold you and kiss you and then pretend like I was eating you (not sure how really to put this into words- my voice drops though and I make Nom Nom Nom sounds really loud as I nuzzle into your little neck). And you always get all giggly and whatnot when I do that. Then I would let you go out of my grasp and you'd turn around and kind of lunge onto me. I'd fall back and yell "You got me!!" while laughing hysterically (because it really is that funny in the moment). And then one time when "You got me!!", my bare belly was showing and you put your face up to it and blew a raspberry, then looked up to me and our eyes met and yours were saying "haha I got you momma" and I started laughing so hard. : )

So now whenever we fart around like that you always, inevitably, end up "Getting me."

I can't even really put it into words how unbelievably awesome it is to be "Gotten" by you.

: )

Yesterday is another good example. You were playing on your bedroom floor and I wasn't feeling so hot so I was sitting in a chair. You crawled over to me and climbed up to me wanting me to pick you up. I, of course, obliged ever so willingly. I scooped you up and hugged you tight. 'My sweet baby doll.' You nuzzled into my neck and blew a raspberry!

You got me!! : )


  1. That is fantastic. Pie has just started doing things like that too and it makes me want to laugh and cry all in the same instant. It's awesome that you're recording all of those things for Lovie.

  2. what a sweet sweet story! I can't wait to finally meet my baby girl and share moments with her like this :)


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