February 25, 2011

well rested baby is a happy one, right?

Phew. Check out those tabs below that adorable header. Notice anything new? I added two new tabs- one on bedtime, one on napping. Maybe it will help you out, maybe not; nevertheless I’ve been meaning to write about our routines and how I believe it’s because of those routines, that we have such an awesomely happy baby kid pretty much 24/7. Well, something happened yesterday that sparked this mad rush of writing… apparently, daycare is trying to transition my Lovie to one nap a day!

Now, she generally only naps once a day there anyway, but now they’re trying to make it so that that one nap is after lunch. Sigh. And when I asked if they thought I should do the same (they’re doing this because she will be moving to the Toddler Room {TR} in a month, if not sooner and in the TR they all nap at the same time- after lunch), they said it would probably help her adjust better at daycare if we dropped a nap on the weekend.

I thought about all that we’ve done to get Lovie to be the awesome sleeper that she is (and yes, I do realize that much of our success is a result of Lovie being a generally easy baby- we’re not super human or anything!) and this nap situation all the way home after leaving daycare. And then, when I was on the phone with my husband for the two minutes he could spare, I was about to tell him we were going to try to drop a nap when I changed my mind and decided that I’d rather be with a happy baby on the weekends than a miserable one.

Here’s the thing. Lovie naps just fine at home. I’ve long accepted her napping like utter shit at daycare. It’s been happening since day 1 practically! But on the weekends, I have no problem getting her to nap twice a day: once in the morning, around 10 and once in the afternoon, around 3. I’m not a bitch about it either and there have been times when she refused the second nap but she always has that first morning nap without any problems and generally the second nap is without any problems either. She comes to me when she’s tired and starts laying on me and will literally walk to her room after I say, “Come on and get your baby doll so you can take a nap.” Why on earth would I take that second nap away from her? She’s happy. She’s happy and content and fabulous and I’m not sure I want that to stop just so that things can be easier on the folk at daycare.

Besides all that, Lovie adores the TR. She’s been there a handful of times already and loves it and they love her. So I’m sure once she’s in there, she’ll do fine transitioning to one nap a day. It’s not like she’ll just fall asleep while they’re playing. That’s not her. She’s got to be up in the action and the action is with the “big kids” in the TR.

So… I’m keeping things as is at home. It works. And if it aint broke, I aint touching it!


  1. Oh how I wish Pie still took two naps. Every once in awhile a second one will happen, but she's been a one-napper for quite a few months now.

  2. I like when you said “if it ain’t broke, I ain’t touching it” that’s the truth why mess with what works for you? You know her best. Hope that the daycare one nap works out.


  3. My job requires me to float between an infant room, a wobbler room (1 yr olds), and the toddler room. They don't tell the parents to mess with their nap schedule when they're transitioning, and, yes, our wobblers take their nap right after lunch. The thing is, there is so much stimulation in that room that the kids don't want to sleep. Lunch calms them down and gets them ready for the nap. No worries, Christina. I don't think you should worry about changing your weekend schedule. The fact is, she will adapt. AND the weekends are your time with her, so why make it miserable for everyone with her nap schedule being changed. Just sayin'.


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