February 4, 2011


The Blizzaster of 2011 left me with a bit of a Snowcation. And it was glorious. Two full days with my Lovie. I was in absolute heaven. The playing, the laughing, the eating, the baking, the cooking, the bathing, the dressing, the living. Heaven.

Outside it snowed from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon. I believe the official snowfall was like 20 inches. Hot diggity that's a lot of snow. I was hoping for double that, but 20 inches is pretty much a shitton to deal with... especially when you live in a city with 3 million other folk. I mean, where do you put all the snow??

Mine is the covered car in the center- 1230pm, 2/2/11. Looks like fun, no??

Inside, we played. And laughed. And played some more. Lovie took two naps both days during our snowcation. And she slept past 7am both mornings, too. It really was a fabulous time.

Yes that's plastic on our windows. This is inside Lovie's playroom which is really a Sunroom- a room with windows facing east, north, and south and the entrance to the room is on the west side. It gets COLD in there- particularly when the wind chills are -20, eh. It also gets HOT in there in the summer but it's a great space (with a now leaking ceiling- ugh).

and then, she {snapped}

I'm entering this one above into and then, she snapped's Show your Photo Friday challenge.
I just really like the way this came out- the reflection of the window and
the outside in the french door behind her, the wonderment in her eyes, the
sun falling onto her face and shoulder... ack, I just love this child, let's be real, here! :)

Here's my little lady uncovered at 330pm. All I can say is that looking down onto snow doesn't really give you the right idea of really how MUCH snow there is. It was after an hour of digging her out that I decided, my Snowcation would be extended into two days. IF I was able to make my way out to the main streets, I was uncertain of how I would get back into my parking spot- if it was even available.

I don't think I took any (or many) pictures from day 2 of our Snowcation. That's when we discovered the playroom has a leak from the ceiling. While it's a tiny leak, there's no way I was gonna let Lovie play in there so we closed it off and spent the day in the living room. We still had tons of fun. Ack, this girl. She makes me smile SO much.

And today? Today I miss her more than words can even say. Today I feel like it's my first day back from maternity leave and that, my friends, sucks big hair balls.


  1. She is SO freakin' cute!!!! Sorry about being back to work, it totally sucks! :( I know the feeling. BUT it's Friday, so that's a plus! :)

  2. hate the hair balls! you have such a beautiful kid! I am glad ya'll had so much fun. I have that stuff on my windows too...love the light, hate the cold brrrrr

  3. snow makes such great light... can I pinch her cheeks??

  4. Oh dear. How could you not have fun with that little one? What a doll! ...and I will have to use your word, 'Blizzaster' . for reals. love.

  5. I love her crazy hair! Adorable!

  6. I just can't deal with how gorgeous she is!!

    We had a few days off for snow too and it was absolute bliss. All Pie, all day...ahhhh.


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