February 8, 2011

My Big Girl

Guess who was playing Big Girl yesterday?

so cute to see a bunch of toddlers sitting at a table and eating!

Lovie spent the day in the Toddler Room yesterday. She went in at 930 and stayed till I picked her up. She had lunch, napped (for 2.5 hours!), and ate her snack in there (just after I arrived). Like a big girl. With the other 15 month+ olds.

My big girl.

The three teachers in there seem to really love her (one of them even got the 6 dreadlocks out of her hair! and no, the dreadlocks weren't purposely made- the girl just has some crazy hair that i'm still learning how to deal with)- and her them. All of them had such great things to say about her... mainly that she seems to really like it in there, which really doesn't surprise me. Even when she was itty bitty and I'd drop her off in her infant carrier, she always seemed interested in what the "big kids" were doing. You know, the kids that could run around and play and communicate.  And now she's one of them! CRAZY!

My big girl!!


  1. What is it about chunky little hands holding a snack that just kills me? Man I love that little face!

  2. She is so stinkin cute! I thought I had my hands full with my kid's curly hair, but yours definitely takes the cake on that one. So adorable!!

  3. Awwww, how cute! I'm glad she loves it!

  4. Whoa great nap! I bet playing with all the big kids just tuckered your girl out.

    Also, I now want a girl baby to dress all proper in tights and leggings. ACK the CUTEness!


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