February 7, 2011


1. Notice anything new around here? Look up. See the new header? I did it all by myself!! Whatcha think? It's OK if you don't care, but I'm pretty gosh darn proud of myself.

2. I love me some Superbowl Sunday. Not because of the game itself because I generally couldn't care less about it, but because it's the one day a year it's acceptable to eat shit food and gamble. Weeee. I love playing poker. But really, I love winning when playing poker. Add chips, dip, and sugary pop (I'm not a booze drinker) and I'm in heaven. This year we hosted (so we could get Lovie in to bed at a decent time) so that also means we had a super clean house!

3. I'm tired.

4. Lovie. Ack, this child is just so insanely awesome. I look at her and wonder how on earth I ever existed before she was a part of my life. My world. She's become quite the snugglebunny lately and I'm really enjoying it. After naps, sometimes, all she wants to do is snuggle on me- and I can't get enough of it!! When she woke from her second nap yesterday, it was shortly before the guests were to arrive. I had just about everything ready and I was dressed so we snuggled. For 20 minutes she layed on me as I sat in the chair beside her crib. I sang to her, I rocked her, we played keep away with her binky, I gave her a gazillion and three kisses... ack!! This child is just SO insanely awesome.

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  1. I LOVE your new header!!!!!
    Jack is the same way, we cuddle after his naps...it's my favoite time. My husband keeps saying "I never want him to grow out of this stage..." it's the best!

  2. Love the header! That's one of my fav pictures of Lovie recently. The sleepy snuggles are the best! My heart just melts when Pie does that. When they're all warm and not totally awake...bliss!

  3. Great job on the header! I love the snuggly moments. I a dreading the day they go away:(

  4. Great header! I love the purple touch in it.

    Don't you just love that feeling of pride for your kid? That feeling you get when you even just look at them? I always think my kids are awesome, but just posted this morning about what a fun weekend I had with Bryce since we don't usually get as much one-on-one time like we did this weekend. He is such a fun little kid!

  5. Love the new header! Your kid is on of my faves.


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