February 18, 2011

every day

I may have to put her into daycare for 9 hours every day, Monday thru Friday.
I may feed her food that’s heated up from the freezer and that, more than not, is just regular food and NOT organic.
I may have given her chicken nuggets (a couple times) and a cheeseburger (once) from McDonald’s.
I may have allowed her to have French fries and cookies.

Every day I love her more and more.
Every day I sit with her and play- on her level.
Every day I read to her.
Every day I kiss her, and tickle her, and hug her, and squeeze her, and smother her with affection.
Every day.

And today's every day couldn't come soon enough! (even though i feel like i could sleep for 90 hours straight and i'm coughing up a lung, again, i still cannot wait for today's every day to start)


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