February 10, 2011

Dear Lovie

My dear sweet baby doll,

Only half an hour left and I get to come get you. I get to watch your face light up once you’ve discovered I’m standing there, and I get to watch as you run to me. And then I get the honor of being able to scoop you up and into my arms and smother with you kisses!!

Oh how I can’t wait, my love. It’s been a long day and I’ve thought of you throughout it. I wondered if you would be in the Infant Room today or in the Toddler Room (TR) like yesterday.

You’re doing so well in the TR- all the teachers say so and it’s so obvious you love it; hopefully they won’t make you wait the 2 ½ months till your 15 months old to make the move permanent! This morning when the main entrance was frozen and we had to enter through the TR door and you ran to play with the balls, then got upset when I tried giving you a hug and kiss good-bye… that was more than enough proof that you’re ready to be in the TR full time. And I get it, I do… You’re a toddler. You’re a big girl. Your independence is growing by leaps and bounds. But do you really have to snub me that way?

It’s okay, lovebug. You made up for it within minutes when your eyes met mine as I stood by the door ready to leave. I smiled and waved bye bye and your face lit up like it does when I pick you up, and you ran to me the same way you do when I pick you up for the day… and I didn’t hesitate to scoop you up and smother you with kisses either.

Oh the love I have for you, child! I really do wish I could put it into words… but I can’t. I just can’t.

Just know that my love is there for you and with you, always. And every single day, it grows by leaps and bounds.



  1. Now I'm all cry-y. What a lucky girl Lovie is to have a mama who loves her so much!

  2. You are making me cry too, such a sweet letter to a beautiful girl from an awesome mama!


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