January 13, 2011

What the ... ?!??!?!

courtesy of http://www.webooshoes.com/

What the hell is that? And why on earth is there a company that provides such scary things? And who is wearing them? WHO? Or maybe the proper question is WHY?!

I don't care how much she might beg and plead some day, Lovie will never be wearing something like that on her feet. I'm sincerely disturbed.


  1. BHAHAHAHA! SCARY! I clicked "sucks for you" because it sucks that you had to stumble upon such hideousness today!

  2. Yeah, those are WACK-O. But I am pretty sure my 5 year old niece would LOVE them.

  3. Uh oh. I guess I need to stop wearing these shoes... guess I didn't get the memo that these aren't cool. LOL What gets me the most is there is someone out there who is making money off these hideous things (may not be much, but it's at least some money). Wow.....


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