January 6, 2011


I took some pics the other day of some of the toys that have invaded our home lately. These are not all of them, but more than not, they're the important ones in some way, shape or form. (In no particular order whatsoever)

Monchichi = Momma's favorite. Ha! :) My BFF/Cousin got this for Lovie for her birthday. My BFF/Cousin and I are 6 months and 3 days apart in age and we both loved our Monchichi babies when we were like 6. Ack, I nearly cried when I saw she got one for Lovie... I wouldn't have even thought to do that and here she is rocking the gift!

Hokey Pokey Elmo. This was given to Lovie from Grandpa Nick (my dad) for Christmas. I didn't think she'd care for it because she's never even seen Sesame Street but she really loved it. Her little face lit up when she saw it- and then when she was shown that it sings and dances?? Oh boy was she smitten- and she, of course, dances along with it. It's been over a week now that she's played with it and it's definitely no longer a favorite. Poor Elmo. He's gonna eventually end up on a shelf somewhere collecting dust, I just know it. (and I'm OK with it because it's kind of annoying and loud but shhhhh) 

Baby Doll. This is THE Baby Doll (the cat on its shoulder is no longer attached as of last night). This is THE gift of the season, apparently. See that blob of brown there at the bottom of the picture on the left? Yeah that's Lovie trying to get to the Baby Doll! God forbid it be left alone for a minute! This ugly, creepy looking thing is by far her absolute favorite thing in the world right now. She got it for Christmas from my sister and her family. Lovie's voice transforms into this soft and high pitch squeal when she sees it or "tells" me about it. And, on the rare occasion Lovie's crying, if you show her the Baby Doll, her cry automatically turns into a laugh because she sincerely gets SO happy when she sees it. Honestly, it's the most endearing thing I've seen in a long time so creepy or not, this Baby Doll will have a place in our home for as long as Lovie wants.

this is an electronic drum that's also a shape sorter. When you touch the drum part it does the alphabet after each tap. It also plays music therefore it's a hit to Lovie. She doesn't play with it all the time, but she likes it enough and got it from my BIL for Christmas.

This is one of her Christmas gifts from us (or Santa?). It's one of those gears toys that comes with colorful pieces that can get placed onto the colored nobs. Lovie likes taking the pieces off (which is why you don't see any pictured, duh) and putting them in her mouth, of course, and ever since I showed her how it works (press the PLAYSKOOL button and it plays music and lights up and moves), she plays with it often, trying to stop it from moving and/or dancing along to the music.

stupid ugly PINK mega block jeep thing. she hasn't even LOOKED at it and i sincerely believe it's because it's pink. WHY OH WHY do they make gender-specific toys? and WHY OH WHY do people give in to it and buy it?? i realize some of it is hard not to give in to but really? PINK FUCKING LEGOS/MEGA BLOCKS??! i will leave it out for now- because i know Lovie (usually) loves playing with cars, but if she doesn't start playing with it soon, i'm getting the pink shit away putting it away for awhile, at least. she got this for both Christmas and her birthday, along with a big fugly bag of PINK mega blocks, from my cousin who's youngest went through a liver transplant a couple months back.

h look, a NON GENDER SPECIFIC Mega Blocks table set. We actually gave this to Lovie for her birthday. She loves climbing on top of it, banging the blocks together, and stuffing them in her mouth. This toy is actually very cool... the legs (the blue pieces- this pic was taken from above) actually fold into the back of the table top, the four pieces on top there come off and you can put the other pieces under it (storage). It all then snaps down and you can carry it around. We like it and this NON GENDER SPECIFIC toy will probably be left out for some time.

h another Fisher Price Laugh & Learn toy. Seriously, I really have grown to love this line of products (I got the L&L Home off Craigslist for $30 several months ago and it's been a big, big hit). This CD Player is no exception. Lovie adores it and is always playing with it at some point every day. She got this from her G-ma (grandma on daddy's side) for her birthday along with this really creepy looking singing stuffed bear, which I should try to remember to take a pic of. The bears mouth actually moves (creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy) as it sings Happy Birthday. We have to play it every morning and every night. :)

Vtech bus. She got this from her daddy's aunt and uncle and kids on her birthday. This thing is pretty cool but it's FREAKING SO MOTHEREFFING LOUD. i finally had to find some packing tape to tape over the speaker on the bottom of this thing because it was just too loud. but it's a cool toy that will probably stick around for some time.

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  1. "All around the great big world, shapes are everywhere. Rectangles and triangles. Circle, star, and square." Yeah, we have a lot of the same toys... that little CD player thingy as one. hehehe


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