January 28, 2011

My dear sweet baby girl,

Thank you so much for greeting me with applause and cheers early this morning when I re-entered the bedroom after being gone for 10 minutes doing my hair and face. You made both your daddy and I laugh- and I suspect this will be one of those tiny moments in time that will stay with me forever. At least I hope so.

Thank you also for being such a big girl at school yesterday when they let you check out the Toddler room, which typically doesn't start till 15 months. The teachers seemed to really dig you and your hair (even putting it up in a one big fuzz ball atop your head). You were in there most the day and even had your lunch, a nap, and snack in there with no problems. And you were super happy to see me, which is always the highlight of my day. While it was a little sad to see you being a big girl, the truth is that I'm even more so proud of you. You're really turning into quite an amazing little girl!

Thank you so much for all the communicating you've been doing lately, too. Like last night after we had been home for about 10 minutes, you "mmmm"'d and I asked if you were hungry and you walked to your high chair and let me quickly (gotta move quickly though or ELSE!) heated you up something to eat which you devoured. Then after dinner and after playing for 20 minutes or so you kept coming up to me and laying on me so I finally asked if you were tired and if you wanted to nap which is when you walked to your room and stood before your crib. Yes, you went to bed at 515 last night. I guess a day with the Toddlers will do that to you, huh? But still, it's nice that we're able to communicate so there isn't any tears.

Most of all today, I want to thank you for the little things you did this morning that really made my day... the way you placed your hand on my back and left it there as I was getting my socks and shoes on (while you watched Sesame Street and daddy snored). I wanted to sit there forever feeling your itty bitty hand's warmth, but just couldn't. And then, after I quickly got ready and laid on the bed with you watching Sesame Street, you grabbed my hand and held it until it was time to get up and go. 

These may be really small, pretty insignificant things to most people, but to me... to me it's what I've waited my whole friggin life for and wow do I feel so amazingly blessed. Wow!

So thank you darling. It's all because of you so thank you!

Always and forever,


  1. I had a tear in my eye after reading this! I look at BamBam the same way everyday. It seems like yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the first time! there are so many days I just look at him with wonder. Thank God for our children!

  2. All of those little moments add up to a biggest love imaginable. Wonderful post!

  3. What a beautiful post. So much to be thankful for!

  4. Awwww. What a sweet post.

    And wait, what is this communicating without tears thing that you speak of? I mean, Bryce will let me know what he wants, but if I don't have it to him in the blink of an eye we definitely have tears. Maybe Lovie is a patient little girl? LUCKY! :-)

    And awesome that she spent the day in the toddler room. It sounds like it was great for her. For some people it breaks their heart for their babies to become toddlers, but I love it! Go Lovie!


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