January 27, 2011

BFF and ever and ever

Lovie's first one was the ceiling fan, then Mr. Bear, then her Seahorse, then Grandma Bear and now... now those have all been replaced for THE BABY DOLL (and its kitty)!! Lovie and The Baby Doll are absolutely BFF's. No questions asked. She totes her around everywhere, all day, every day.

My doll. With her doll. : )

The Paper Mama


  1. Oh how I love that face and that crazy hair!! Pie hasn't really formed an attachment like that to anything, but she did get an awesome dollie for Christmas that she gravitates to. Maybe they'll become better friends once they get to know each other :)

  2. Doez Buzz count? BamBam got one for Christmas that makes all sorts of annoying noises (thanks Ma) and he loves loves loves his Buzz. It's the first thing he wants when he wakes up. He makes me kiss it! BTW I love your request "not to steal the cuteness" awesome~!


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