January 14, 2011

Lunchtime scores

I ran over to Target during my lunch break. It's the first time I've been in several weeks. I needed some John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Gel. Desperately. And I forgot freaking Walmart doesn't carry it for some reason. So I went to Target.

Like I said.

By the time I got to the hair gel, I was in a great spirits and then things got even sweeter: if I buy three John Frieda Frizz Ease products, I would get a $5 gift card. Sweet chicken sign me up! So I scooped up three of the hair gels at $5 and some change a piece. And now I'm the proud owner of a $5 gift card burning a hole in my wallet!

So why was I in great spirits before the hair gel?!?

Cuz I scored these

for Lovie for a whopping $3.24!  Holla, Holla!!

I also scored 4 fabric storage bins like these

at $2.50 a piece (over by the dollar stuff) which will be great for Lovie's toys and books, and an I (heart) Daddy and I (heart) Mommy picture frames for $1 a piece.

Then. After the hair gel??? I made my way into the clearance clothes (for Lovie) and found... a $1.84 sweatshirt that has a heart on it and Sweet Heart inside the heart. A sweatshirt for less than $2. Woot! (It's also the first all pink purchase I've ever made for Lovie- but, in my pink-hater defense, I also bought a pair of black women's knee highs that have white hearts on them that I'll be cutting off the feet to pair with the pink sweatshirt to hopefully offset the screaming pink of the shirt.) Then I spotted this little rocker LOVE shirt/dress thing. It's black and LOVE is in different colors and it's frilly on the bottom and comes with a pair of black leggings with colored hearts. How fucking cute does that sound? Perfect for Valentine's Day, right? Ack, I cannot wait!

Then. Oh then. I'm about to get into a checkout lane when I see this adorable gray shirt that says Love Bug on it. And my Lovie? Well she's my Love Bug. And it was $5. And it had a little yellow in it and some other colors but it was a gray shirt. Under that I saw these ADORABLE gray and white striped leggings for $5 too that looked like they would go perfectly with the shirt- and when I unfolded them, I noticed they had a yellow stripe on the bottom. How fucking cute?! And then I noticed a skort in bright yellow. For $5. Ack!!! So I got this ADORABLE gray and white and yellow outfit that can be worn together or apart or whatever for $15.

I love Target some days. And pay days.


  1. Okay...now I need to got to Target. I love their clearance clothes. Most of Pie's stuff comes from there since she grows out of it so ofast. I feel a lot better about her wearing a shirt once or twice if I only paid a couple of bucks for it.

    It sounds like you scored big for Lovie! Can't wait to see pics, especially the love bug outfit!!

  2. Yay for bargains! I saw that Love Bug shirt there the other day and thought it was so cute! I may have to stock up on the frizz stuff too...I think my last bottle is getting empty and I might as well make money from it!

  3. Freakin awesome. I bought the same shoes for Remi when she was smaller. They are so cute and they go with almost anything. They've out lasted two babies now.


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