January 11, 2011

Lovie's lovie

I'm getting a little concerned....

My sweet baby girl is infatuated with her baby doll that she got on Christmas Eve (she could care less about the one she got on her birthday a week later- sorry gift giver of second baby doll).

baby doll on the beanbag chair in the playroom- right next to Lovie
 She totes this thing around with her everywhere.

notice she's got a hold of it even though she's playing with the bus
There used to be a cat attached to the chest area so it kind of looked like the doll was holding a cat- and somehow this cat activated a Meow sound. But it's been over two weeks now and the cat became detached somewhere around day 12 or so.  It was only a matter of time... especially with the way my Lovie adores this thing. Her Lovie.

Yeah, my Lovie has a lovie. And she's SO cute with it, too.

Just last night she was eating dinner and I had to set her baby doll on the table because she insisted she feed herself (chicken and dumplings) and the food was everywhere. Well, Lovie only had one nap yesterday and was a bit cranky as a result of needing another nap, eh.  She saw her baby doll and wanted it. I explained to her she needed to eat first but she wouldn't have any part of that; she wanted her baby doll and she wanted it then. She started to cry. Real tears came from her eyes. My poor baby girl!

I placed the baby doll on my chest and told her that I'd keep it safe and she could now watch as Lovie finished eating. As soon as I placed her on my chest, Lovie started laughing maniacally through the tears. But she also kept reaching for her doll and when she realized I wasn't giving it to her, she again started crying.

: (

So I cleaned her up and let her have her doll and as soon as she had it in her arms, her little voice got super high pitched and she talked to it as they walked down the hallway and into the living room to play.

She sleeps with it, eats with it, plays with it, gets her diaper changed with it... the only thing she doesn't do with it is bathe and, fortunately, we haven't had to bring it to school yet.

But I'm afraid of what will happen should something happen to my baby girl's baby doll. Then what? I can't even fathom!! She will be devastated.

I think I'm going to have to ask my BIL where he got it from and get another one... just in case. Right?

Oh boy.

Oh no, the doll is alone. "Where's your baby doll?"

"Here we are, Momma!!"


  1. Yeah my daughters obsession started at daycare, then we got one for home... now we have 8 i think. She really only likes 2 of them but every now and then she'll play with another one. We also bought one that can go in the tub... she feeds it and everything. amazing how they just know what to do!

  2. I totally hear ya and wonder if one back-up is enough. lol


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