January 26, 2011


I'm sick. Again. Unbloodyreal. Oh but that's real, too.

So I had a great weekend with my Lovie. We played and laughed all weekend long. Then about 6pm Sunday, this wave of ... sickness hit me. I just felt sick. I ate dinner and went to bed around 9.

Monday I woke and my throat was sore and head felt stuffy. I made it through the day but went to bed at 730.

Tuesday I woke up and found myself gagging on several different occasions. Not sure how else to explain it other than it felt like my throat and nose were fused together and anytime I tried to breathe or really focus on it, I would gag. I called the doctor's office and got an appointment for late morning. The diagnosis? Acute Laryngitis. OK?!???

Today, the gagging has ceased but I can barely breathe out of either nostril and the coughing. Oh the fucking coughing. It won't stop and my body aches as a result.

I'm on an antibiotic and mucinex per the doctor.

Half hour ago I went to the bathroom because I have cramps. Guess what else I have. My fucking period.

I think I'd feel a ton better if a semi would just run me over. Today warrants a FML status IMO.


  1. sending you ::feel better::: vibes!

  2. That happens to me WITHOUT fail! If I'm sick, you can bet I'm getting my period too. It's like the universe is trying to dump as much crap on me as possible. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Holy wow and for shits sake, it can't get any worse for you. Hugs and get well soon!


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