January 10, 2011


1) I’m wearing eye makeup today. I’ve been wearing mascara (again) for months now, but today is the first time since December 2009 that I have eye liner on, too. What is this world coming to? Not sure. But I do know that I’m tired of looking like death every single day and if a little black eyeliner makes me at least feel a little better than why not. Freaking love this stuff, too!

2) She calls him Dada. Although my Lovie wasn’t even 6 months old this past Father’s Day, she graced us with her first real word: Dada. What timing, huh? Of course we knew she didn’t really mean Dada, but she said it nonetheless. Well, the past several weeks, I started to really believe that she now means it when she says Dada. She means her Dada. Case in point: The other day we were playing in her room with the door closed and I heard something in the kitchen. "Oh is that daddy? Is he home?" I said excitedly. She dropped whatever it was that she was doing, looked at me with those big brown eyes, smiled, and ran over to the door and yelped, "Dada!!" Of course I tell him this and he thinks I’m pulling his leg. Whatever dude. Be happy because she doesn’t know my name from the fucking cats, apparently. Yes, I’m jealous.

3) Tit for tat people gross me out. Sometimes I purposely fuck with people to see if they’re a Tit for Tat type of person because I find that characteristic to be a bit repulsive. Stupid, I know but that’s what happens when I’m bored, I guess. People play this on Facebook all the time and I know I’ve participated in my time… but like I said, I usually do it to prove a point (to myself). Like I love it that certain Fb friends don’t comment on pics of my adorable Lovie- unless I comment on one of theirs. It’s ridiculous- especially when it’s so obvious. Whatever. I don’t need some random Fb “friend” to say Lovie is cute when hello. This is Lovie we’re talking about! ; )

4) WTF is up with CREAMY Tomato soup? Did I have a bad can of it or something or does it always taste so… flowery. I’m not sure how else to describe it but I actually had to toss a bowl earlier and if you know anything about me, I love food and throwing food out isn’t something that comes easily for me. Must remember to pay closer attention to the labels next time and steer clear away from the Creamy tomato soup.

5) Not sure what’s going on in my head lately but I’ve been feeling icky things toward my husband. I’m not sure if it’s jealousy or resentment, or maybe a bit of both, but I don’t like it and I want the feelings to cease. See number 2 up there? Yeah Lovie calls him Dada but she calls me nothing. I’m the one she goes to all.the.time but she doesn’t ever call me Mama or Bitch or anything. That’s not what I’m jealous over… not really. I just think I may need a break of sorts or something. I mean, I love my Lovie with everything I am- she’s my Everything after all. But I’m just.. I don’t know. I get so pissed when the husband doesn’t come home before her bedtime lately. It bothers me greatly. And not because he’s missing out on time with her because that’s all on him. I’m not going to even try to fix that. He’s a big boy. It just pisses me off though that I get up at 430 every morning, I get Lovie up at 530 and dressed and fed, I get us both out the door and to school and work, I pick her up after work and get us both home by 5, I get her fed, I play with her. And 3/4 out of 5 nights during the week, I get her ready and into bed, too. WTF?! Tonight’s his late night at work so he won’t be home. Tomorrow he has to help a friend with a computer, he already told me- so he won’t be home. Wednesday I’m sure he’ll be late because we need shit from Costco. And then on the weekends, who gets up with Lovie? Not him... not unless I force him to. And even then, he falls asleep while she plays and she’s always looking for me. But he’s Dada and I’m… nothing.

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  1. 1) Check you out hot mama! I couldn't tell you the last time I had on makeup of any kind. I do know I just had to re-pierce my ears because it's been so long since I wore earrings.

    2) Pie said Dada WAAAAYYYY before she said Mama. She still only says Mama if she's upset and I'm not there. I can count on two fingers (heh) the number of times she's called me Mama to my face, but Dada is every other word out of her mouth! It blows.

    3)People suck. And anyone who isn't telling you Lovie is GORGEOUS is just jealous because their kid probably isn't as cute.

    4)I love tomato soup with noodles and parmesan cheese on top. Yum. But I get the cans and make it with milk instead of water so it's more creamy. I've never tried the already made creamy, but after that description I'm not in any rush too!

    5) I'm sorry you're having a tough time. It's hard enough to be away from the little ones all day, the last thing you need is stress on top of that. Sometimes you just need a break and some time to decompress.

    And that folks, is the longest comment ever!


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