January 31, 2011

13 months

Saturday marked my Lovie's 13th month. Wow. It really doesn't slow down, does it?

To help celebrate she...
  • devoured three chicken nuggets without me having to cut them up. She picked one up (bypassing the one that I had in pieces), took a bite and another and another until it was all gone and repeated the process with two other nuggets.
  • jogged in place, thereby introducing a new dance move to her rotation. She's been bouncing her knees up and down ever since she could stand, then added a sway a couple months ago... and on Saturday (no kidding- this happened on Saturday) she added a jog in place. (And yesterday she added a jut-one-leg-out-and-shake-it-all-about move.)
  • said Hi and Bye with a wave. She's said it here and there, but Saturday (for real) she did it several times and properly. She now says Dada, Pop Pop (for a Wiggles song), Hi, and Bye. What about Mama?!? No love for Mama, huh?!?
  • showing more and more interest in putting shapes in the right place, as well as putting together and taking apart mega blocks.

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  1. What a smarty pants! Pie only says Mama when she's upset, otherwise is Dada all. day. long. Sucks!


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