January 27, 2011

Love Bug

A couple weeks ago I was in Target on the lookout for a cute shirt or outfit for Lovie to wear for Valentine's day... but I wanted something different, something she could wear before and/or after the day as well. I found the cutest outfit just before checking out... Perfect for my little Lovie who I also refer to oftentimes (on a blog written to her) as my little Love Bug.

She wore the outfit yesterday and I nearly fainted at the cuteness... but I'm a little pissed because I bought a size 2T shirt thinking she could wear it till next fall. Um, I know my baby girl is big for her age (13 months on Saturday and 22 pounds a month ago) but check out how she's nearly busting out of this 2T shirt!

(sorry for the crappy pictures but we leave in the dark and get home in the dark and she's hard to get pictures of these days)

I just adore the little button and hole at the neckline- such a cute little touch!

I had to get the leggings... especially when I saw the thick yellow cuff! So cute!

I also bought a bright yellow skort to wear with this (or not), too!
My love bug is getting to be such a big girl!


  1. Totally bought this shirt for Maggie to wear in the summertime. :)

  2. So adorable! I'm in Target all the time and I haven't seen this sweet combo, but I would totally put Pie in it too!


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