January 21, 2011


Like Lovie would say, "Aaaaaaaay!" (instead of Yay!) it's Friday! : )  She doesn't say Friday yet- just the Aaaaay. So cute. Ack.

Don't have much today. Can talk about the weather and how it's friggin cold but it's winter and I like winter so while I may not enjoy 20 below wind chills, I do like bundling up. So I'll take it, tyvm. Can talk about the Bears vs. Packers game on Sunday. You know- American Football? But I don't really give a shit one way or the other. Besides, all you gotta do is hop on Facebook for either of these topics.

So instead, I leave you this Friday with another video of my Lovie. This was taken on Monday when I was off with her. It's long and boring, but it starts out pretty damn cute: Crazy curly bed head...Goofy dance moves to her little CD player...And if you can hold off from shutting it down till the 29 second mark, you can hear her sing along for a brief second.

Happy Weekend to ya!
Mine is guaranteed to be awesome because it will be spent with my Lovie!


  1. I just introduced BamBam to lovie....so cute! He kept on pointing to her head and his...he finally gets to see someone with his same bedhead:)

  2. Feliz, that is the sweetest thing!! :)


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