January 28, 2012

wanna pork?

haha don't you just love this card? I'm quite tempted to order it for my husband. What for? 


It's right around the corner, in case you forgot.

But then I saw this one and I know he would get a good chuckle out of it. Ack, I dunno! Tiny Prints has
so many Valentine Cards to choose from! It's gonna be tough. And while we don't generally celebrate V-day, we do now that we have Lovie.

I thought that one would be cute for Lovie. But again, there are so many Valentines Day Greeting Cards to choose from!

I need to figure this out soon, that's for sure... only 17 days to go!

Check them out for yourself: 

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  1. I did a Tiny Prints Valentines post too. My kids' classroom valentines should be on their way any day now. It's so cool!


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