January 11, 2012

10 in 10 on 10

yesterday was the 10th so starting at 930 in the morning, i started taking pictures every hour for 10 hours. wanna see?

from left to right top row:

930- part of my desk at work
1030- leaving the bathroom
1130- the opposite corner (from 930's photo) of my desk at work
1230- wait, is that actual work?!? could be, might be, it is!!!
130- water (glass #2 for the day)

from left to right bottom row:

230- garbage after throwing out some work from two years ago
330- my girl's daycare is right across this intersection!
430- on the swings! weeeee! (it's never 50 degrees in January in Chicago)
530- time to color
630- Blues Clues

i bet you're dying to live a day in my life, huh??

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