January 1, 2012

New Year, New Toys!

Since Lovie's birthday falls a mere 4 days after Christmas and days just before the new year, she'll always have a bunch of NEW stuff to ring in the New Year.

Big 2012 hits include...

The Shopping Cart (Christmas gift from Grandpa)

yes those are balloons- leftover from her balloon birthday bash we created for her on Thursday.

The Laptop Computer (Bday gift from Gma and Gpa)

this thing annoys me. really. she turns it on and then it talks and repeats the same damn things over and over again. and she has no clue how to operate it so it just repeats over and over again until it shuts down. i'm glad she likes it and i'm sure once she learns how to work it better she'll like it even more, but in the meantime... argh.

The Jack in the box and Spinning top (from Santa)

The drum (Bday gift from mama and daddy)

Anything crayon/coloring related (Bday gift from mama and daddy)
i actually had to hide this already. it's a small, portable easel with paper on one side and a dry erase board on the other. 
the dry erase side is with CRAYONS that work on the board or paper. 
it's very cool but it gets old having to wipe it clean every 20 seconds.
(not pictured are these animal crayons and huge thing of paper my cousin gave her for her Bday)

The Kitchen (Christmas gift from mama and daddy- this got 2 hours of non stop play on Christmas day but hasn't been touched much since... except for the phone, she's constantly looking for the phone)

Puzzles (from Santa)
 Baby doll bed (Christmas gift from Grandma)

That's about it. She got a couple other things (like a sit and spin, an Ernie doll, etc) that she likes just fine, too. But she didn't get inundated with merchandise. Thankfully. That said, we do still have her kid birthday party for her in six days so I'm not really sure what that will leave us with. I really and truly hope that people limit their gifts to crayons or something small if they get anything at all. We're just looking forward to getting all the littles together to play (being held at a little kid gym)!

What kind of loot are you looking forward to playing with this year?


  1. My kids are 5 and 2. My daughter (5) loves art and creating stuff, so she got a lot of that kind of stuff-- a crayon maker, a paper doll design set where you design the clothes, a jewelry making set, and an easy bake oven. All big hits so far-- although I've had to take away the jewelry set and the paper doll set due to bad behavior, and she doesn't get to even open the crayon maker or the oven until she starts acting better. I can't wait to play with the oven!

    My son (2) got a work bench (about the height of your kitchen, a little more narrow)and a bunch of tools and nuts and bolts and stuff. He loves it. He also digs on a giant dinosaur (from the Toy Story movies). He also got a construction set and a starter Lego set that I haven't let him open yet.

  2. Ada got some Little People zoo stuff, dry-erase crayons, clothes, pillow-pets...I am excited to play with the dress-up dolls with magnetic clothes, the scooter, and the guitar. Sweet!

  3. No joke, this kitchen makes me jealous. I have a decent sized kitchen by New York City standards, but hers seems to have all sorts of fabulous bells and whistles. :-)


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