January 12, 2012

stop the bitchen

It’s snowing now and only 27 degrees.
Yesterday it was 55 and we wouldn’t freeze.

But you wanted an orange and Cheerios.
Demanded as I drove, keeping me on my toes.

“Orange!” you shouted from the back seat.
“Cheerios!!” you chanted to your own beat.

So onward we drove home from work and school.
And into the house we went as my hand you pulled.

“Hi Little Cat,” you said to the whiney one.
“Hi Zoe,” you said to the fat cat weighing a ton.

I smiled as I tussled your curls.
"Orange?! CHEERIOS!!” you shrieked as you twirled.

 “Yes ma’am,” I answered, heading toward the kitchen.
Anything to stop all this maddening bitchen.


  1. Love it! And that pic? Priceless! :)

  2. Both the poem and the pic are too adorable!

  3. Why am I half expecting to hear her say it from that picture? Ha. She is too cute for words, really. And believe me, I am so used to the demanding.

  4. very fun, thanks so much for stopping by today.

  5. cute....and LOVE the pic :)

  6. Ain't that the truth. Great poem and great picture, what a cutie!

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