January 17, 2012

oh hey.

things have been busy.

friday we were late getting started due to the snow from thursday night- and that sorta put things in a funk for me around here.

saturday we went to gymnastics, came home to nap, then headed over to my cousin's house to play for a bit. they forgot about Lovie's birthday party on the 7th (thought it was the 8th), so they felt super bad and begged us to come over. and Lovie got a couple more presents to open. so she's been opening gifts every single weekend since Christmas. it was no surprise that when we visited my dad yesterday (was off for MLK day), she asked to open presents. heh.

sunday we stayed home. Lovie played a bit, watched some TV, took a 3.5 hour nap; we did laundry, cooked, more laundry.

yesterday Lovie and i went to visit my dad for a bit. he's on our cell phone package and needed a new one so we headed over to the store after throwing some snow balls around. then we stopped for hot dogs and Lovie and i headed home as she did nothing but run around the AT&T store the entire time we were there (probably close to an hour) and was, therefore, ass tired. she woke after the 20 minute drive home and even though i laid her down in her crib and she stayed in there for another hour or so, she never napped- just talked and played with her dolls. as a result, i ended up putting her to bed an hour early and she didn't fuss. instead, she laid on me as i rocked her to sleep as i softly sung to her. it was so magical- rocking my girl to sleep, watching her eyes slowly close. peace filled the room and my heart. tears streamed out of my eyes. i'm immensely blessed.

today Lovie's still at home. she was warm last night and super clingy. after sleeping for nearly 12 hours, she was still a little warm and i didn't want to risk her going to school and her temp spiking to the point they call me and i lose today and tomorrow at work.

tonight i get to see Bryan Adams. assuming the snow doesn't hit too hard and my girl is ok.

in between it all, any free time i've had the past several days, have been spent glued to the computer trying to create Lovie's baby book. as of late last night, i'm done from birth to month three and at about 40 pages! sheesh this is gonna take forever.


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  1. Hope Lovie feels better and that mommy has an awesome time tonight!

    Baby books are tough work, aren't they??


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